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DNS issues connection

Hi guys !

I have an issue with the DNS connection. I copied and pasted the A record and the CNAME but on my hosting setting when I click on “Check status” It still telling me that there is an issues detected . It has been more than 48hours, I’m deseparated because I need to publish it on monday for my client.

Please help me, thank you a lot !

Hi @Marionfree, are you using any sort of DNS manager to handle your DNS records? Perhaps something like cloudflare?

Not at all, my client bought its new domain from Gandi and I connected the DNS and that’s all.

Do you see any other A or CNAME records that are not for Webflow?

No …
you can check the screenshot above

Thank you again for your help

In the Project Settings > Hosting Tab. Can you check if SSL is enabled?

Also, you might want to delete/hide your DNS records.

It is like this

Does it good ?

Thank you again Denny, it works now, I think it was just the time needed. But thank you again for your help !!

@Marionfree Nice! I was just gonna say I couldn’t see anything wrong, everything should’ve worked.

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