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Custom Code Not Updating?

I seem to be having a problem with custom code not being updated when I save… Never had this problem before…

Can someone check to see if this is a bug?

Steps to reproduce:
1.) Go to custom code.
2.) Add a new custom css rule or any other code
3.) Save
4.) Publish
5.) Clear browser cache
6.) Code is not updated on the newly published site…

Hi mastermindesign,

I think is Webflow problem, because My site dosn’t update too.

Same here. None of my edits are publishing.

Hi @mastermindesign @bobhoranjr and @tato2278

Thanks so much for posting about this. Our team is currently looking into a fix for this and hope to have a resolution shortly.

When we do I will post back here with an update.

​Thanks in advance for your understanding and patience

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Thanks again for your patience on this.

A fix has been pushed and you should be able to republish to see the changes you’ve made.

I’m standing by for your confirmation that your sites are publishing as expected.

It is working right now. thank you

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