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Webflow is unable to publish!

Stuck with no way to publish?

I am on Webflow, adding the final touches to a website, when suddently, it happens. I press the publish button, and nothing happens. I figure, “yeah, it usually takes a bit of time to publish things, I just made a bunch of changes.”

I wait one minute. Still nothing.

2 minutes, time is passing.

Finally, I go into my developer guru mindset, and open up the console to see what’s going on, then turn on the “disable cache when DevTools is open”, reload, and suddenly, everything is fixed!

How this happens:

When developers are updating software, things can get a bit screwy. Your browser stores old versions of the code, but when new versions of the code come out, it’s not really sure about whether to delete the code, or keep running it.

It’s a bit like if two of your friends give you the same coffee machine, but you’re not sure which one to keep, so you keep them both in order to not hurt anyone’s feelings.

What to do:

Chrome: Open up the inspector, go to settings inside the inspector, turn on “disable cache while DevTools is open” and reload the page.

Safari: Command+Option+E
Develop>Empty Cache

Edge/Internet Explorer: Get a new browser.

NetScape: Get a new computer.


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