Custom code in project settings not saving(BUGGY)


Firstly, I love webflow. But I think this may legit be a bug:

What is happening:
I am trying to put some custom code on to site (eg. Google tag manager and Cookie bot scripts)
I cant find anyone talking about this online currently so I decided to post here.

The problem:

  1. I enter custom script into the site settings “custom code” section.
  2. I click save and publish.
  3. Then I refresh the page and the scripts I have inputted disappear! All changes reverted.

Extra info

  • After inputting script into custom code section, I would refresh the page, or switch to a different part of site settings and switch back and the changes I made would revert back to what it was before.

Any words of advice?
Is an alternative to add the code to every page of the site? The site Im working on is ideal so that wouldn’t be ideal…

Thanks in advance!