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Custom Code Disappears

No… I cannot provide a read-only link. These are internal project not ready for public consumption.

I’ve noticed something happening with the system for the past several months.

I have several long-term projects I’m working on…

  • that I work on in phases.

For example:
“Project 1”… I will work on it for a month… get it to pre-determine level of functionality… then archive the project and document the “where - what - when - why” details… as well as export the site for safe-keeping.

Then I move on to the next project.

This allows me to “shut-down” “Project 1” and know precisely what I last did with “Project 1” before moving on to the next project.

I will repeat the same process with “Project 2”… then “Project 3”… etc… until - at some point…

  • I return to “Project 1” and continue working on it.

I have followed this process for an extensive amount of time. And I know the process works.

Specifically… last night - (within Webflow) I opened “Project 1” and immediately Published the site… to see what “Webflow had”.

The published site DID NOT HAVE the same functionality as compared to my notes or what I saw when I viewed the 05/05/2017 exported (locally stored) Project 1 site.

I re-exported “Project 1” again (12/13/2017) and compared the code to the 05/05/2017 exported site…
and there are very similar… but they ARE different.

Comparing the files… everything appears to be fine…

  • except for the Custom Code in the Header and Footer sections.

In short… that code is missing. It’s not there.

Opening the 05/05/2017 exported site - and copying / pasting the JS code into the 12/13/2017 exported site… makes the 12/13/2017 version function correctly.

This tells me… at some point - Webflow moved / transferred / converted “Project 1”…
and did not include the Custom Code of the project.

I went back and checked “Project 2” and “Project 3”.

The exact same thing happened there.

What I had archived / stored locally - worked and matched my notes. At any point… I can restart Projects 2 and 3 - and without issue… and continue to work on the projects as if I never stopped.

However… when I exported and reviewed Projects 2 and 3…

  • both were missing the Custom Code.

Again… going back to my archived sites and copying / pasting the code into the new export

  • makes the site work again.

Currently - and thankfully - this issue doesn’t affect me (other than a little time loss)…

  • main because of my backups and notes.

“Project 2” is an AngularJS project… that has 1000’s of lines of Angular code.

“Project 3” is similar… except it has 1000’s of line of React code.

I thought you (Webflow) should know about this issue.

This issue IS there. I’ve seen it long before the 05/05/2017 export. I just saw it again last night with 3 different Projects.

At some point… Custom Code is disappearing.

In some cases… I’ve also noticed… elements changing. For example: I create a DIV - setup specific values then later I realize those values are either not set to what I expected - or not set at all.

This has been a continuing problem that started (I believe) when Webflow updated the core product to “a new level”. I don’t remember what the update “was called”. But it was when the “design platform” went from iteration 1 to 2. It was big change.

@thesergie @callmevlad @Waldo @PixelGeek

Hello Revolution!

Thanks for reaching out, and I’m happy to look into this for you.

I’m not sure why Custom Code is disappearing from your projects, but I’d really like to investigate further with our team. Because I definitely understand the need for protecting your projects’ privacy, would you be able to send us a support ticket here?

The Custom Code should not be disappearing from your exported sites. I’ve just tested with a teammate, and we exported a site from last year that hadn’t been touched. The custom code from the footer section (for parallax scrolling) was still intact.

Could you send us a ticket here:

Thanks in advance, and I’m standing by for your reply.

My Best,



Just to add to Andrew’s reply:

I looked through my old portfolio site and found that I still have some custom code from ~14 months ago which provides a great candidate project to test for this issue.

Here is the custom code:

I exported and it looks like the custom code still works as expected when opening index.html in a browser window. I can also still see scripts in the code itself:

As we cannot reproduce this issue on this end, we are standing by for a submission from that contact form Andrew mentioned.

Thanks in advance!

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