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Custom code section is missing

I have been working on custom code for my website, suddenly when I refreshed, its nowhere. I tried it again just before writing this post and still the same.53%20PM webfow%20custom%20code

I had another webflow account that was created to work on a client project.
It has 2 projects, one project has custom code visible, missing in the other project.

Can anyone help me :frowning:

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK

Hi @zeeshan,

This is a bug and needs to go through Webflow Tech Support.

However, when I view your preview link I have access to your custom code section on the Home page.

Have you tried viewing it in Incognito mode!

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Just got to forum today and saw your response @WebDev_Brandon
Thanks for answering. I got this response from webflow tech support.

The custom code used to be available on the free plan, but the support for that on the free plan was discontinued.

If you subscribe to a lite plan, you will be able to use custom code on all projects in the dashboard. Alternatively you can also add a hosting plan to any project individually and get access to use custom code.

At the moment it is not possible for Webflow to enable custom code on the Free plan, there are restrictions due to security reasons

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