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Link in a list item


Hopefully this is not a dumb question, but here we go: I have here a list with a few items and they each should link to some page. Basically a vertical menu, right? The thing is, I already styled the whole list so I would like to just bring a text link into it, instead of rehashing the whole thing.


You can make an invisible button. Give 100% width and height. Drop it in to each LI. Set links.

Can’t you just select one list item, copy and then paste it as a new list item and adjust the link in settings?

Or if it is a list without link functions, you can keep the styles (they’re assigned to classes) and just recreate the list with the link block and apply the old class names to it and it’ll style itself automatically.

You most probably can drag a Link Block widget somewhere in the list then drag items in it.

Can you please share your project’s public link so it’s easier to help you?

Learn how to do it here:

Sure, I just made it public. It’s in Portuguese, though, so if you need help I might try to guide you. Here’s the link:

You’ll find the menu in question on any page inside the folder “painel de controle”.

To answer the suggestions:
vlogic: The invisible button is a possibility, but would be nice to have a cleaner way.
jwburkhard: there is no link settings on a list item.
vincent: I can’t drag any link (block or text) inside a list, as the UI told me.

I think the best practice will be to make all the pages in that folder a single page with tabs, It’s just that I have a limited time to work on it. Might be worth it though.

You know what, it wasn’t as hard as I thought to replicate the effect on tabs. To be honest I only fathom the possibility of doing this way when I saw a public page about tabs and there was a tab configuration very similar to mine.

In any case, I think the possibility to drag some text link to the list item might be helpful in the future. Thank you for your suggestions!

It seems you can:


Ooohh! I figured it out. I can only drag elements inside a list item if it’s empty (OBVIOUSLY). So if I clean the list item of the text I wrote, I could just drag the link in there. That’s another point for you guys! :smiley:

Sorry I’ve been working very long hours lately, my question ended up as dumb as I feared.

The dumb way to ask is not asking! I guess you’re just fine :slight_smile:


Also when you fail dragging in the design, drag directly in the navigator where it should exactly be. I’m sure you candrag in a non empty item.

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Vincent, you should be knighted! Thank you once again!

I’m going to put all modesty aside because that would be so cool!


Your humble valor is indeed quite refreshing Sir Vincent. :slight_smile: Webflow needs to add this to the earned badges!