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Link block affecting styles

Hello Guys, im designing my first layout and im not figuring out how can i change a header and paragraphs styles inside a link block when i hover the link. If i try to style them it will affect all the styles and not only the ones i create inside the link-block. Also, is it possible to create a link block and afect all the styles i have inside when the mouse pass over the region? As far as im seeing the behaviours happen only when the mouse is over each element.

You can set a hover for a container (div block) in which those links are. But why would you do that?

Hi Miguel!

If you add text inside of a Link Block, all the text inside will have underlines. To remove underlines for the text select the link block and click and unclick the “Text-Decoration: Underline” in the Typography panel.

To edit all the text styles inside the Link Block you should select it and change the styles in this Typography section. If you want to change the styles of the individual elements inside the Link Block, select those and edit their styles (and add hover states if you want).

NOTE: You cannot have links inside of a Link Block. It’s just impossible in web design. If that’s the case I’d have multiple links inside of a Block as @bartekkustra mentioned.

Hello guys, thank you for your answers, but i think i was not clear enough. What we intend to is to create hover behaviours for all the elements inside the link - block.
I created here a way for you to undesrstand my question better

Thanks a lot

<div class="block">
 <div class="link">asd</div>

Instead of link:hover you should go with

.block { color: red; }

Sorry, but im not understanding the answer. I provided a link with what i can do with webflow interface with out edit code (or what i figured out so far) and what i intend to do (that is the question). Maybe i will wait for webflow staff answer to clarify me better on this subject. Thanks anyway for your contibution.

If you want all the text inside of the link block to change color, you can select that Link Block, go to Hover, change text color to Red (like you have in your example), and when you hover over the link block the text inside will change to that color. For now you can’t make the border change color - only text inside the link.

Let me know if this helps!