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Cursor disappearing in certain sections!

Hi! I recently discovered webflow and created my portfolio on it.
I finished it yesterday and published it this morning, but found a bug where my cursor keeps disappearing around the bottom section. My friends are experiencing the same thing so it is not something that only happens on my design page.

Anyone know the reason / solution behind this issue??

UPDATE: all problems are resolved; I had certain div blocks as cursor-decoration: none!

Hi @Allen_Sung_M_Kang

Nice portfolio :+1:

On which section(s) exactly is the cursor disappearing?
On which pages?
Can you share screencasts or screenshots of the behavior?

I couldn’t reproduce this on my end.

Standing by for more details from your end to further investigate the issue.

Kindest regards,

cannot reproduce it either…

wanted to point a couple other minor things

  • just in case you missed it

— I’m guessing your id is mooque_ and not mooque_king
34 AM

The close link doesn’t work - it covers the entire page
— so the only way to exit is to refresh the page
09 AM

— I’m guessing your id is mooque_ and not mooque_king

Yes my photography section wasn’t finished! Thanks for the input though!

Sorry! I haven’t updated this post since I resolved the issue! I had some div blocks as cursor-decoration: none :sweat:

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