Cursor set to "None" stopped working and shows up [NVM.. looking ok now.. must've been a bug?]

Hi! I’ve set up a custom cursor and set the “Body All Pages” and “Body” elements cursors to none – it used to work as expected until it didn’t… can’t figure out what I am overlooking.
Please help!

Here’s my website: Webflow - MADtest03



Here is my public share link: LINK
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Works correctly for me in Safari and Firefox but not Chrome. Chrome shows your replacement plus the standard cursor arrow on top of it. Each must handle differently?

thank you so much for checking! this is weird - it used to show both replacement and auto-cursor in chrome (that’s why i wrote this post)… but then it was gone.

But thanks to you I discovered another issue – in Safari there is a layer that completely disappears – the text object is just gone. Does this look the same for you in Safari?

This section is still visible to me in all browsers.

god bless! thank you so much. mind sharing what Safari version you got?
I suppose it could be the version issue, because it works perfectly fine on my mobile Safari

my desktop safari is Version 14.1.2

I’m using Version 16.1

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