Section dissapears on smaller resolution


I have almost finished my portfolio website and there is last problem I seem to not be able to solve. I have not much experience in webflow, althrough, I was using it constantly for 5 days now.
The problem is, whenever I scale down the width of the browser while being on my published website, the section, along with grid and all images DISSAPREAR. Like the section was never there. Once I scale the width to my full screen size, they appear again.
Here are some screenshots:

I now also noticed the cursor changes color to the old one, once scalled down. :joy: I have no idea why, because it is long time gone and there are no animations attached.

Cursor problem solved. Apparently, I had it different on a laptop view mode.

Don’t mind it. Apparently, the grid was totally different in laptop mode as well. I don’t know why it won’t apply the changes to all of the views? It doesn’t make any sense to be putting them manually for each…

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