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Currently in site-plan and wanting to export code

we are currently in site-plan and want to find a way to export the code. We made already research regarding the topic, but we are still little confused.

  1. Do we need to open a new account-plan to do so and transfer from A to B? Also with a new user-registration? If, then we will have two plans/accounts/users at the same time (at least for a short time), right?
  2. Can we somehow link this export-possibility with our existing site-plan, meaning to add an account-plan (From my past readings I think that was not possible)
  3. Changing plan from site-plan to account-plan on the fly (From my past readings I think that was not possible)

Thank you all
Best regards

Site Plans and Account Plans are additional. Your sites need site plans anyway, but you’re free to have an Account Plan or not. When you get an Account Plan, you just have an Account Plan on top of all your Site Plans. You’re using the same Webflow login for all the plans. Account Plan is just something you add to everything you already own or pay for.

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To summarize: Yes, you need an account plan.