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I am looking to keep the Current state on my nav for multiple subpages within that section. That page is also the homepage so the current state should be active when the initial page load.

Basically, if you look at the link below, if you click “wine in maine” I’d like the main nav to still have “Work” highlighted and underlined.


Here is my public share link: *

Hi @willothomas, from what it sounds like, you’re trying to create a subnavigation where the main nav still keeps the current state.

I made a demo on this before, but it may not translate to your project exactly, take a peek here:
Page Title: Multiple Navigation Bars

Can you please update your post with some more info, though? Things like screenshots and images of your desired design help us solve issues faster. Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Thanks. That demo kit is awesome. Couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for though.

I’m going for a nav that works like this:

Home: “Work” is active
Click into a Project: “Work” is still active
Click “Work” from a Project Page: Return to Home, “Work is still active”


Hi @willothomas, thanks for the kind words! Sorry for the lack of direction on that - try the steps below:

(1) Add your navigation bar to a static page (use a dynamic list to display your projects/dynamic content)
(2) Set the link’s destination to the current static page
(3) Style the link and make sure the Current pseudo class is activated:
(4) Copy/Paste the navigation bar into your Dynamic Template page (do not use Symbol)
(5) Set the link’s destination to “Current Collection Item”

When you click on the Dynamic Item on your Static Page, you’ll go to the item’s Dynamic Detail page and the navbar link should be set to Current automatically.

Give that a try and let me know if it helps at all. :slight_smile:

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