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'Current' class on child pages


I’ve been here before but I still haven’t found an easy webflow solution for this issue.

How do I get a ‘Current’ state on a navbar object to stick on child pages?

I had a workaround that used a bit of custom code but it produces unexpected results. It also switches the ‘current’ style on in the home navbar and subnav links on the subpages.

Here’s the previous forum discussion

Does anybody know of a robust way to implement this just using webflow? The section with the issue is the ‘Attractions’ section on the site below.

Thanks in advance.

Here is my public share link:

Here is the published link:

Why didnt u you use a tab-widget?

I thought about that but want to keep the pages separate for SEO.

Can anyone advise? I’d really appreciate some pointers. Thanks.


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