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How to use current on subnav bar


I am in the final stages of putting my site together. There is a detail that I cannot figure out how to fix.

How to I apply the ‘current’ style to a sub nav bar?

For example, on my site, when you click on About, ‘Our divisions’ will be highlighted on the second nav bar. This is, evidently, because the ‘our divisions’ page IS the ‘about’ page.

So what ends up happening is that each time you go into a new section on the MAIN navbar, the sub section is highlighted, but then if you move into a different sub section, you no longer know which section of the main navbar you are in.

I hope this makes sense. Please see my site and click around, and you will see what I mean.

Thanks in advance!

Here is my public share link: LINK

I honestly think this type of navigation is really the root of the problem. It is confusing on it’s own. I had trouble navigating the site. I’d suggest incorporating drop down menus instead.

May I ask what you found difficult about it? Were the sections unclear?

I know that if the 2nd navbar was highlighted to show which section it was under, it would be helpful and easier to navigate. But apart from that I would like to hear your feedback.

This is the first time I make a website on webflow and I didn’t like the drop-down menus (although so far the english site has one for the tablet/smartphone versions)

Thank you for your feedback.

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