Nav Current/Down state on collection page

Hi All,

keep reading 5 different ways of doing this, but -

Is there a simple/standard way to have a current state on a secondary nav in a collection?

Thanks a lot

Webflow has a current state built-in. It looks like you’re already using it. Just navigate to a page that you are navigating to in the secondary navbar and you will be able to customise the current state style.

Hi Max, thanks for having a look,

Ive set the states, but as current isn’t available (I’m deep in pages) it logically says I’m not on that page, its more a way of us saying (your still in this section)
Mainly here (2 pages down) so when we are in ‘the pen’ we still want tools to be highlighted


I think I understand what you mean now. The Pen is one of the Tools and therefore Tools should be current state.

As Tools is not the current link, that wouldn’t be possible. I imagine you’ll have to create a different nav symbol for each of your sections with a class on the appropriate section’s link. You could try and see if you could accomplish this with a symbol override instead — if that would work — as then there would be fewer instances to maintain.