Current DevLink possibillites (asking for a project feedback)


I am very excited about DevLink since it allows me to work on both ends (designer and developer), and I want to give it a try with my app idea for my company.

I would like to receive feedback on the feasibility of my project from people already experienced with DevLink. I’ve just finished watching Get started with DevLink by @Aron_Korenblit and @victoriaplummer . Thank you for such amazing content. Your feedback will be greatly appreciated.


  • Create a responsive GUI (similar to Netflix) for browsing and viewing Google Drive videos.


  • Webflow with DevLink
  • React
  • Google API
  • Database for storing information about videos (links, metatags)
  • Login feature

How it should work:

  • The GUI (made and maintained in WebFlow) displays fetched data (Google Drive video links and metatags) from the database (which communicates with the Google API).
  1. Is this possible within DevLink?
  2. Do you have any comments on the current stack or the way the app should work?
  3. Any other notes/ideas you would like to share?
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Hey @XcOxO! Welcome back to the forum!

You can reference the DevLink Documentation for more information about using DevLink. You may get a better answer by posting on the official Circle community space and the team will be happy to help there!

Currently, DevLink only goes one way, so you can only push Components to your react app. You would need to code the functionality for your app outside of Webflow.