Adding React JS app into Webflow to continue development

I want to bring my Netflix Clone complete the build in Webflow. How do I do it.

I have all the code in github but I want to import it into Webflow. Is there a way to do this?

I think the challenge would be naming conventions for classes is different in React JS components.

Heres link to my Netflix project Netflix Clone

There’s effectively no way to import UX structure into the designer. However you can rebuild the structure, and then use it to create react components using Devlink.

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So theres no way to reverse engineer code in Webflow?

I don’t think you’re reverse engineering anything- you created the initial system so you already have all of the engineering details?

You’ll just reproduce your UX in Webflow.

If you’re asking again “can I absorb HTML + CSS and have Webflow translate it into Webflow structures, classes, styles, interactions, breakpoints…” then that was asked & answered.

There have been some attempts by 3rd parties to build AI’s that could digest a website and try to loosely recreate it in Webflow. You could research down that path.

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Using Wized you can import most of the business logic and api endpoints that connects the database. For the front end components they can’t be used but refactoring to plain html is easy.

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