Implications of using Webflow as frontend for homapage and web-App with API

Hello everyone.

My team and i have seen the vast potential of webflow and have been trying to do a lot of our frontend development i Webflow which we have connected to a API. So that we save a lot of our front-end development.

We know now it it possible but we would like to know whether this could have any implications when we scale and use webflow for all our front-end and just connect it to our API?

Best regards Søren

I suggest you to watch out DevLink, is the better way to integrate Webflow with custom APIs, you use only Webflow as a react component designer and code all the rest very powerfull!

It’s possible for sure, but right now that’s with a lot of custom code. Like @pietrofalco mentioned, looking out for DevLink will be your friend: DevLink | Webflow

That said, the common approach today is to separate the two. Have Webflow host everything (blog, marketing, landers, etc…) minus your app.

Your application resides at:
Everything else controlled by Webflow at: