Design Dashboard project in Webflow

Hey guys,

I really need your professional opinion! I’m not a super expert in Webflow, but I have a project which contains landing page and dashboard. With landing page is everything clear for me. But the dashboard is a bit problem for me… I can’t figure out how to connect the front-end part (which I’m going to do in Webflow) with back-end part (which is going to do a developer).
I have to export everything into a code and send it to dev or how?

I hope you get an idea what I’m talking about if not - just let me know, and I will try to explain more details

Many thanks in advance.

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Hi there, did you get this topic resolved? If not, I can offer some advice on this direction.

Hey, It would be great to hear your advice :slight_smile:

Okay, not a problem. This explanation will take a phone conversation. Tomorrow at anytime, call my mobile. I’m sending it to your profile.

I’d be happy to discuss it with ya.