Export / make available my Webflow nav to other sites / apps

We are moving to Webflow, but want to build our site’s header and footer navigation and share it amongst all of our applications. Our other applications, at the moment, are React apps in Gatsby. We know about the ability to build it it in React and use it in Webflow, but we’d most like to do it the other way so that our marketers have an easy way of managing this complex navigation inside of Webflow.

Can we:

  • Build the navigation in Webflow? I’m guessing this is likely a yes.
  • Export it in some fashion? We have only found how to export it to another Webflow project, but we’d like to export it to put into another, totally external, project.
  • If we can’t export it, can we hook up to it being saved, via a webhook, and do it ourselves?
  • If that’s also not available, what options do we have?

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Webflow’s DevLink is designed specifically as a Webflow → React design path.

Yes, you have a few options.


Webflow DevLink is the newest feature. It’s still in beta and Webflow themselves talk about having limited support for it so far. The plus side is Webflow has a separate (from this forum) beta community that is more closely monitored by their product / dev team so you can get better answers there. Scroll to the bottom of that link and find the button “Give feedback in our Circle group” to gain access.

Code Export

The other option is export your Webflow code.

You can extract the bits you want, use tools like Udesly to convert it to your specific framework, etc…


You can also copy your elements / components in Webflow and parse them. Use fun tools like Clipboard Inspector so view the JSON that copied when you do that.

All of those options give you the ability to design within Webflow, but use outside of a Webflow site.

Hope that helps!

Thanks @memetican - we are working on this directly in another thread. Will keep you guys updated.

@ChrisDrit - thanks for the pointers. We will check them out and let you know if any of them help us integrate this more quickly and which process works the best. We will for sure be digging into DevLink as well.