CSV Import - Header Row ERROR!

I’m having major issues importing a simple CSV file.

Below is the link for the CSV and XL files.

If anyone can take a look, see why it doesn’t work, I’d be very thankful!



Here is my public share link: LINK
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The CSV is valid, but Webflow might not like the Quotes. That is just my guess. Test without that column to see.

Thanx Jeff!

Still not working.

I deleted all info with quotes.

I will try to duplicate your collection and test.

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@Ash_Lee - Are you trying to import products into e-commerce or just a collection?

Correct, products into an e-commerce.

Then I would suggest populating a couple of products, exporting them, then using that as your template, populated with additional items. Just remember that importing adds, not overwrites.

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ok thanx!
Will do.

Thanx again Jeff…!

It worked the way you suggested.