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CSV Import w/ Rich Text Images Broken?

I am not familiar enough with coding to use the API. And Zapier has serious limitations to the number of rows it can import last I checked. Unless you have some sort of work around to import an entire document as one push.

Then I would suggest you review the options for Airtable > webflow, with Zapier.

I would add that this issue is when an image source is in a Rich Text Field. Not importing an image reference into an image field.

It is also an issue when importing into an image field. It seems that whenever the web flow feature that allows importing from a URL is broken.

I will test that again. It worked for me during a CSV import when the resource was on already up on webflow. Will test external image source.

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I discovered a single filename that was in the incorrect format which was breaking the upload. It appears that I am the bug and not webflow. Thanks for your help.

I am glad you can proceed on your end. Let us know if you have additional issues. Just open a new thread.

Hello Webflow and Community,

I tried to import blog posts from an old website in Weblfow. All worked fine with the exception that the images inside the rich text field won’t be transferred. Is this a bug or is it simply not supported?

It is an open bug.

Here is some background ->

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Hey guys, we’re looking at bringing across 590 blog articles (from 14 clients) into Webflow from a different CMS.

We’re also having this issue with images within the rich text field not coming across correctly. We even tested different image urls (even tested ones hosted within Webflow) and nothing is working for the rich text field.

Is there an update on this bug that doesn’t involve the API or integrations like Zapier?

Hello, I am having this same issue as well. A lot of work has gone into this spreadsheet containing rich text data with images that was exported from webflow. After reimporting, the rich text images do not show up as anything other than the placeholder nor am I able to edit the rich text field at all within my cms in Webflow. If this does’t get resolved soon, I will have to put my project on hold in order to re-do each rich text field within my cms one by one. Hopefully after deleting the field altogether and reimporting my csv omitting rich text fields, I may be able to re-start from scratch such an ardous and daunting process.

Please helps us out Webflow guys!

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I have an official bug report open on this issue. I know that it is being worked on based on feedback from WF staff. I don’t have any additional update to provide other than I am waiting as well. Hopefully this is addressed soon as it is a major barrier to migrations.

I will update this thread as soon as I hear the of the resolution or post worthy update.

The webflow team just pushed out an update that addresses this issue. I was able to confirm importing rich text via a CSV where the image tag was left unchanged. If you want the resource to be imported into the webflow CDN, you will need to do that manually, in the designer.

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