CSV import doesn't accept my Links

I have a CSV I’m importing data from, and although my links appear to be fine in the CSV, the Webflow uploader doesn’t seem to register them as Link data?

The link in the image is:

Any ideas what appears to be going wrong?

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Any one know anything? We are having the same issue.

I know that if you don’t share a project’s read-only link and provide a sample of a url you are trying to import we can’t help you. Try importing one record to see if it works. If you have malformed data in your CSV that can cause issues.

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You don’t need a read-only link for a sample as he spells it out. The Import .csv function doesn’t recognise links. I am having the same problem. The whole link is typed in to the .csv file but the Import function isn’t able to map to the link field. All the other fields connect to their respective items in the .csv file except the links.

What is going on?

Has this been resolved? I’m currently having the same issue.

I had the same issue and found out that when there is one cell that has not a link format, than it breaks

Hey! So I’ve been using google sheets to pull together data to import as CSVs. They have a custom function/data validation you can run on all the URLs in a column.

I found the formula here: ISURL Function in Google Sheets - Check/Highlight/Validate URLs

This fixed my issue