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CSV import troubleshoot, importing multiple images in post

I’m importing databse from wordpress. after some testings with different csv formats, I’ve managed to come to the point when almost everything works, except that webflow doesn’t recognise some images and some does.
they are all the same type of data (links) in separate columns in csv file, so webflow for just some of them doesn’t allow to import as an image.
screenshot attached

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi, @perovoj! So sorry to hear about the issues you’re having with CSV import. I’d love to help.

Can you share your read-only link as well as your CSV? If you don’t feel comfortable sharing the CSV publicly here, feel free to shoot me a message with it attached!

Thanks so much!

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Can you share 2 lines of CVS data with 1 working image and one failing image please?

id;title;content;name;rating;contact;address;phone;mobile;email;website;accommodation_type;url;image 1;image 2;image 3;image 4;image 5;image 6;image 7;image 8;image 9;image 10
813;Adorable Cottage;

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;adorable-cottage;3;;{43.072140,16.117163};;;;;Kuća za odmor, 2+2, ***;;;;;;;;;;;
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I did some searching through the CSV that you sent over and it seems to be in the formatting of said CSV. I just picked a bunch of random lines, added it to our provided CSV template, and I was able to import all the images. Is it possible for you to double check that CSV and clean up the formatting and try again?

Thanks so much!

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thank you ben. what exactly do you mean by clean up formatting, please one example? thanks once again!

Without being able to inspect the whole CSV, I can point to to a reference to double check.

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Thanks for sharing, @webdev!

@perovoj - please see this screenshot. It looks like there are some formatting errors in the CSV. See this screenshot:


You can see how there are image fields that don’t have links to images in them. This is what is causing the hangup. There’s a lot of content here so I wasn’t able to comb through everything. But these rows are definitely an issue. Once you clean up those problems you should be good to go!

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thank you guys so much, this helped, now it works perfectly!

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So glad to hear that it’s working and that we were able to help! :smiley: Good luck with this project! :tada:

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