Import: Cannot map URL to Link field


I’m trying to Import some Data from a CSV Document but for some Reason it won’t let me map a regular https Link to the Link field in my collection.

What am I missing? Link in CSV is this format:
No accidental Spaces in front or anything.
When I try to map it to the Link Field it says the Data isn’t compatible :confused:

Is it the wrong Format after all? Anything else I’m doing wrong?

I attached a Screenshot from the Designer. Unfortunately I cannot attach the Site Link for Privacy reasons.

Any Help would be greatly appreciated!

Bildschirmfoto 2020-05-12 um 00.52.09|690x162

edit: Oh noes okay I should get some sleep… one link further down had a faulty format, didn’t notice that :expressionless:
So all goooood!

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