HTML code embeds now supported in CMS CSV import / export

HTML code embeds in CMS rich text fields are now supported when bringing content in and out of Webflow with CMS CSV import and export.

We’re excited to share improvements to the CMS CSV import/export experience that make it easier to manage CMS items containing HTML.

Now, when bringing content into or out of Webflow:

  • HTML code embeds in rich text will more accurately persist, so in most cases you will not need to re-implement your code after your CSV import/export.
  • Essential HTML elements –like class and style attributes– will remain functional after import, ensuring your dynamic content looks exactly as intended.

Whether you’re migrating to Webflow from another content platform, or from one Webflow workspace to another, you can now enjoy a more seamless workflow and focus on crafting engaging content experiences.

To learn more about how to import and export your CMS Collection content via CSV, visit Webflow University.


Thank you! This was much needed, especially for WordPress migration projects.

Can the documentation please have technical details as to how can one create embeds in the import?

From my initial export and import tests, <div data-rt-embed-type='true'> seems to be working (which is now a totally different syntax from the previous code embed class), but it rejects (auto-strips) tags like <hr> (horizontal line break) which is a common occurrence from WordPress article exports.

Would be really helpful to have more technical details on what’s allowed and what’s stripped out by the Webflow import data parser so that we can do migrations more confidently instead of always being in a experimental trial-and-error (upload-and-pray) situation.

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Good feedback. I’ve shared it with the team.

update Horizontal Rules or the <hr> HTML tag will no longer be stripped during CSV import.

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