Cross Browser problems

Hello, I started to design my web in Firefox, and then I open the Webflow editor to continue in Safari but everything changes: Margins, images don’t load properly, among others issues.

I was looking in support and seems that there is compatibility with Safari, Chrome and Firefox but IE.

Is there a “best practices” advice on how to make the design consistently cross browser?. Could I make the design in a specific browser?.

Best regards, for your help.


Internet explorer is thankfully finally death as Microsoft end developing patches and provide support so we do not need to deal with it anymore.

Cross-browser compatibility is big topic for many years and as CSS in last few years is rapidly evolving in exponential pattern I would like to see how WF will be catching with this trend and implementing these new improvements for “no-code” developers into UI.

The best practice is good knowledge of CSS and permanent cross-browser testing.

I personally test first in Safari, then in Firefox and lastly in Chrome. Then I check site just in case Brave and Edge.