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Cross Browser Compatibility

Pages that I create on webflow seams not to be compatible with other browsers such as IE and Firefox. I took some screen shots comparing them.

Appreciate any help to make things compatible.


Here is my public share link:Site Link

To begin with, when you have a bug with an image placeholder, please add a real image, and dimensions, and test again. This will most likely solve the circle bug. Set an image and set width or height to 150px.

For the brand image on the corner, IE is notoriously bad at figuring out some things like image dimensions. It seems that firefox is too but it’s a bit more surprising. Agfain, fight this issue by selecting the image and giving it a width in the style tab, or a width in the settings tab (in the style tab it’s better, it’s CSS).

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Thanks Vincent!

I’ll do that.
Regarding the brand image, its width is set to a percentage of its parent div. You mean set a fixed width pixel amount?


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