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Cross Browser Functionality

Just a quick question. I was embarrassed today arriving at a clients to show him my nice website. Not quite Badass but I’ll get there. Only to find it looks lousy on his browser which is Internet Explorer. What are site builders doing to be sure that not only it looks good across screen sizes but also on each browser. Do we need to open it in IE and Firefox and …
Thank you

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK

I hate to be this guy… But Microsoft does not even view Internet Explorer as a browser anymore. They’ve urged people for numerous reasons (web standards, no longer actively updated, and security/hacking issues exploits) to move to more modern browsers.

The long of this answer is that Webflow is providing us tools to build beautiful sites because beautiful design/development is partially being brought to us by the new possibility that the advances in the web standards that new browsers support. Things like FlexBox and Grid, Interactions, and things like that are not guaranteed to work in legacy software.

I’d explain to your client that Internet Explorer has not been updated for years and will not display many websites properly at this point…

Not to sound heavy handed… But it’s no longer a browser that Microsoft or the web community recommend for more reasons than I have time to list in this response.

Thank you very much, I can explain that to him.

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