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Your opinion on my logo


I´m planing to design a very big tourism portal for Azores (9 islands in the middle of Atlantic) in webflow.

The name of the site is

The problem is the logo. Logos are not my thing but i try do to some tests and i need your opinion on the logos.

Do you prefer classic or modern? What font do you like the most? What heart style do you like most?
Personally i like number 10, it´s different.

Some help please :wink:


I personally like #2&3 on the left column. I love everything minimal so I like the thin font and blocky heart style.


I love the 1 and 4, try to merge both.

Good job.

A Spanish Bro.

Kind Regards.

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Everybody likes the modern style lol
tks for the feedback :blush:

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@Rui_Almeida, I like #10 also, but maybe that would be good as a Website stamp or something, or something to put in the footer ? I like #10 though as well :slight_smile: It looks like a good bumper sticker :smile:

1-4 are nice but they are similar to a logo trend in Sweden so for me they are not that original. Of the others I like #6 best. Its easy to read yet a playful font, only the “m” in .com is a little weird no biggie though. 5-12 also makes it more clear what its all about in compare to 1-4.

@jorn , you say 1 and 4 are similar to a logo trend in Sweden, can you give me the url of the logo, i now the heart thing is not ogirinal but i don´t want to make something very similar to other.

Sure. Theres one travel agency called Ving. And this company had their logo before Ving, SVT. This is a newly rebranded company, Elgiganten.

I see of course the differences in yours and these logo types but also see similarities. When I think about a bit more I believe even stronger in one of 5-12 when the message is to get people to visit Azores. I think 1-4 could suit better for software or hardware company =). The logo should appeal and be understood to people all over the world.

But of course, these are my opinions, Its very difficult getting the right one, you never know really until its tested and even then you can never know if a other had been better =D Good luck and I’ll happily answer other questions if there are any.

It would also be helpful to know a little of the target group. I was assuming that this sites goal was to get any one all over the world to be interested in visiting Azores, but thats maybe not the case I don’t know =).

Number 9 for me. Very playful, as if someone had written it in the sand on a beach. Great for a holiday/tourism site. The first 4 are way too corporate unless that is the feel of the site that you needed? I agree with jorn, so much research into logos comes from the target base. We really need to know that before committing.

yep, i have seen lot´s of symbols with that heart style.

And i agree with @jorn and @Golden28 , The first ones are nice, but more for technology companies, the other ones are more “relax”.

Tks for the feedback

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Nice work!
Combine font 4 with heart 6…
Number 10 looks to much like “Accessoires” shops.

great start!

a couple of things:

  • i wouldn’t include “.com” in the logo
  • what if your logo wasn’t so literal?
  • what if you played with typography more instead of focusing on the name and the heart icon?
  • figure out what makes Azores so great first, then maybe try something else like the “O” could be a sun or a hill. the R could be palm trees.
  • get creative with it.

Remember, a logo does not make a brand. A brand starts with words that describes what it is.

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@PixelGeek nailed it. Also, it’s way too easy to go overboard with a logo when it’s way better to keep it simple and timeless.

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1 & 3 are my pics but I am not sure about the green if it is suppose to be a heart graphic. I would mess with some reds instead.

Hi and nice job @Rui_Almeida :smiley:

I would say that number 6 do have the right font in my opinion. Azores are beatiful and kind of relaxed and go with the flow which i feel that font is doing.
When it comes to the heart i like number 3 because it looks like an Island. I would love to see it with with fot in number six and make the “heart island” more smoother edges and colors merged together in some gradient!? Just an opinion :smiley:

Looking forward to see the final result!

My best


I love the #3. Great usage of flat shadow ;)


I loved portugal and the Azores area. I have friends there and can’t wait to go visit them.

As this site plays to it,
they call it the 9 islands.

Why not embrace the #9 and utilize it within the narrative of the branding - a hear that looks like a 9

Take a peek at this 3d heart on an angle, you can see the opportunity for a 9

And I don’t see any new found islands making it 10, nor one leaving making it 8…

So embrace the 9’s - 9 things you have to do when you visit the azores!
top 9 hotels / top 9 restaurants on the islands… number them and have fun with it… 9 reasons why you will love the Azores!

I personally would keep the brand icon outside the brandName when a .com is used. It causes friction cause the viewer now has to try to figure out what you mean.

If you need help with your logo, ping me Rui

Otherwise, share with us what you went with so we can all enjoy the collaboration of the webflow familia!

hi @clickryan tks for the nice feedback and input.

I like #11 the most :slight_smile: Others are great too!