Creating Webhook for Webflow Form

I am trying to submit a POST request via the Webflow flow logic and I keep getting a bad response. I am guessing it is because I am passing a long character string (token) and Webflow is bot filtering it. I have tried embedding a form as a work around, but that didn’t seem to help.

The old site used Gravity Forms, so if there is a competitor product like that I can use, I would do it, but I haven’t seen anything in the forums.

Here is my read-only link: Webflow - DisasterAWARE Enterprise

This is the page in question: Free Trial Sign-Up Step 2

Pulling my hair out on this one…

Hi Jeremy, why not make the POST request directly from the form without Logic?
You’d need some JS to handle responses and possibly reformat the request but it gives you a lot more control and you can display a legit success / fail response instead of “well it probably worked…”

I thought about doing that, but wasn’t sure exactly how. I did find out the character limit is 150 chars through trial and error FWIW.

With your solution, would you just put the post URL in the settings panel and then have a event listener to catch the values and pass the JSON?

Yes, basically. You’d set the action URL to your endpoint, and configure the form to POST.

From there it depends on your endpoint and what you want to do with the response. Your script would handle any headers, e.g. content-type, and decide whether you’re sending JSON or something else. You’d want to check for success and handle error responses as well.

In fact there’s a good chance you’ll just be able to use my SA5 webhook handler for webflow forms using the other setting. It won’t “know” the service-specific response codes to handle but looks at response code ranges and if your service sends valid success/error codes back that should work perfectly.

Awesome, I will dig into this. Do you know if I will still run into spam filtering issues since I am submitting a long string (380ish chars)?

If you’re going directly to your own webhook, there is zero spam filtering Webflow, recaptcha, etc. are not involved at all.

Typically you have the opposite problem, in that you might get spam sent to your webhook. In some automations and public APIs, I actually setup my own spam filtering step to guard against that.

I will give this a go and let you know if I run into issues. Apreesh.

I feel like I am so close. I am getting a 422 error, method not allowed. Do you recommend I try to do this through Zapier or another service like it?

Check the docs and your settings. Not sure if you need POST or GET for your submission.

Make .com is good and much lower cost than Zapier. However you should not need that unless you have multiple steps to perform.