Webflow logic webhook guide - Make.com - Test incoming webhook trigger

Just sharing how I resolved an issue I was having with testing an incoming webhook trigger in webflow logic when I couldn’t see any data - image below is the answer in make, background is below that

I have >2,000 items in my CMS and after publishing there are some I wanted to flag based on the images not loading well. My idea was to create a button that would trigger a webhook to update webflow and adjust a field in my collection so that I can filter this item out easily.

I couldn’t get a form to submit the dynamic item data properly where it would show this in the Webflow logic (yes, I added a hidden field with the dynamic item data using custom code but this wouldn’t appear in the Webflow logic forms)

I couldn’t get the unique item id to submit properly in a form/ webhook and there are no quick native searches in make.com to actually search based on an item reference - you need the item webflow id. I could add another custom field in the collection for this but need to export and reimport items which is tricky when there are so many and I’m editing

Webflow has a “Search for CMS items” in the logic flow and the ability to send a webhook to trigger so I figured I could send an Airtable ID that is in my CMS collection to a webhook in Make that then triggers the webhook in Webflow to search and update the item

However, when I was testing it I could not get webflow to recognise that I was sending an HTTP request - it was like the webhook loaded the data for 1 second and when I sent it using the request nothing happened.

I finally got it working by using these settings:
URL: unique reference given from Webflow
Method: POST
Body type: Raw
Content type: JSON (application/JSON)
Request content: {“AirtableId”:“{{MAKE_SCENARIO_REFERENCE}}”}