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Sendgrid webhook form integration

TL;DR - How do I input a Sendgrid webhook as the action URL in a form without the form redirecting to the webhook link?

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We use Sendgrid for emails, and we’d like to use our Sendgrid webhook to collect email addresses in the email signup form in the footer: It expects a POST request with a single param ‘Email’.

When I input the above webhook link as the action URL, it works (Sendgrid picks up the email address). But the form redirects to the webhook link.

Is there a way to prevent it from redirecting to the webhook link?

Our current workaround is a Zap with Zapier (the webhook goes in the zap, not in the form’s action URL), but I’d like to reduce the dependency on another service.

Thank you!

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@kmac I am looking for the same solution. Did you find an answer by chance? I thought it would be as easy as Mailchimp where I can just enter in the Action URL :frowning:

Have you find a solution?

You would need to provide a hosted endpoint that would receive a webflow webhook post. Then process the data as you see fit using the sendgrid API. Any decent developer could pull this off. Problem is the solution needs to be built, hosted, and maintained.

How much would you pay a month for this service?

Hey there,

The “any decent developer” comment was totally unnecessary. I’m sure these folk know their work - the purpose of this place is to ask questions, isn’t it?

@Karina_D - I’m sorry I offended you. On reflection, I should have said “a developer familiar RESTful API’s should be able to achieve this goal”. Thanks for your feedback.


You didn’t offend me, but I appreciate your response. Thanks for that.

As for the solution - mine was to host a serverless function - if your company has a Microsoft Azure or Amazon account, that’s got some great options. It takes a little hassle but it is worth it, as then you can edit the function to send emails easily etc.


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@kmac Were you able to find out how to do this?

Hi @webdev, We implemented as you suggested on our server but we’re having issues with the sucess/error states not appearing after the form has been submitted. Do you have a solution for this?