Creating login page in webflow by embedding php and javascript code

Hello All . . . i want to create a login page in webflow and validate if user exist in database. as i understand it is not possible in webflow. Any possibility if I can embed my php and HTML code in webflow page and create login form? Please help , its urgent.

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You cannot embed PHP into Webflow because PHP is server-side code. Webflow only allows you to add client-side code.

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Thank you for your reply. Is it possible to embed Javascript/HTML/CSS code in webflow page to create my login form? I dont know if this question is ok to ask in this group, but is it possible to validate user name ad password in javascript/HTML?
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Yes. BUT you cannot “create/register” users, and your password can be stolen by anyone looking at the page source code.

thank you for your reply. i might not have to create user name and password, they are stored in database. But, I have to check if they exist in database and give access to user for next page. Is it possible to do in Javascript/HTML and webflow?

Cannot be done as you need a server-side language to access the database on the server.

then how am i supposed to create a login page in webflow :frowning: ???

hello PixelGeek . . . .then how can I create a login page in webflow? please help

The only way is to export your site out and host it else where so you can put server-side code.

any document or link on this where i can read and follow the instructions?
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Here is how you can export your site’s static HTML, CSS, JS and images:

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hope my website will not have any issues if I export it? our clients will be able to see the website in browser after exporting?

Hi, if you need a developer, you can contact me here

thank you for your reply . . . would like to give a try on my own, let me know if you can help me here?