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Will WebFlow work for me? Server Side code question

Most of my sites have PHP in the code - user registrations, database output, etc…

It seems WebFlow would be difficult to work with any server side code, unless I’m missing something…

For instance, if I design the site on WebFlow and export it, I can certainly “plug in” all my PHP. But what if I want to make changes to the layout? I would essentially have re-export, and re-plug-in all the PHP code each time…

I guess the easy answer is to design the site right the first time, and then there are no worries - but we all know this doesn’t always happen. This is why Dreamweaver, and software that runs on the PC itself works for this - the entire file (HTML/CSS/PHP) is all saved together…

I’m just trying to understand how others are planning to work with their server side code (ASP, PHP, etc)

Thanks for any advice!

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You’re right, I believe. You will have to export the code then add in the PHP, however, what you could do is link to your PHP file using custom code, where you can insert anything into the <head> of the webpage and embed code where you can insert anything into the <body>.

The PHP will not work on the preview, however it will work when you publish or export the code.

Hope this helps!

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