Can i add java script function to webflow forms for validating text fields

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I want to validate my webflow form text fields using javascript. Is it possible ans how?

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Yes, you can use a third-party plugin in Webflow.

GitHub - jquery-validation/jquery-validation: jQuery Validation Plugin library sources

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can i write my own javascript validation code in “Embed element”.Will it work? how to use third party plugins?

Yes, you can definitely write your own validation function in the embed code or page footer code.

This is quite a broad question. I suggest trying something first (perhaps Googling stuff and trying to put things together)?

@samliew . . .is there any tutorial to use Javascript API’s that u mention in github? are they all free or paid?

Each repository has their own documentation - you could refer to those.

Mostly free with conditions. Please refer to the licensing details in the repository documentation.

for eg: CountUp.js
i want to embed above code in my webflow page? how do I achieve this?

You can go to the github repository, then read up on which files are needed to be used, then use this for each file you need How to embed files hosted on Github