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Dynamic event schedule for an event hub website

My client puts together events and conferences and needs a website to make them available for people. I’ve created a CMS driven website in Webflow.

On the dynamic event page I need an event schedule that is easy to use for my client. The events does not have a set number of happenings, so the schedule must be able to include everything from 5-100 items. They need to be sorted by day and time.

Every event schedule item needs a title, date and time, a description and an image of the speaker (with a link to that person’s bio page).

I’ve tried making this with a Rich Text field and custom css, but it is not easy enough to use and does not style correctly.

I’ve also tried making a separate collection for all schedule items so my client simply can add new ones in a Multi-Reference field. This makes styling easy, and dynamic linking to the speaker collection is a breeze, but editing an existing schedule item is too complicated. It can’t be edited directly in the Multi-Reference field, so you have to find it in the collection that stores all schedule items, and there will be a lot …

Does anyone have any good suggestions? Preferably within Webflow, but third-party services is ok if easy to use.

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