Creating CMS websites that won't be hosted on Webflow?

Hello! I might have a job coming up depending on if Webflow can meet these requirements.

The company needs a website with an updatable CMS however they need to host this website on their own servers. I have never done this before and am wondering what the possibilities are. I asked about getting more infor about their server setups and they replied with this.

We run a hybrid dedicated service which include
hosting physical and virtual devices. Our servers are virtual instances with physical
layer between them and our CDN which then manages the filtering (via WAF)
traffic. In order for someone to gain access we would need their source IP and the
initial method to connect would only be through SSH.”

Does anyone in the community know if this is possible to build?

Thank you!

@Christopher_Nelson - I used to wireframe in Webflow then deploy on other CMS’s all the time. Now I normally bypass Webflow has I find the projects more maintainable to just do it old school. So if you know how to convert Webflow layouts into a CMS layout of choice you should be good to go. The client is simply telling you that you would have to leverage SSH to access the hosting site to upload files, modify assets, etc. You may want to consider using a CMS that does not require a database connection. Something like Statamic or Astro.Build, etc.

Thank you Jeff! Do you know where I can find resources to do this? I have never built a CMS on other platforms. Would Word Press work as well?

This is the Hosting requirements

hosted in Company Name Network’s environment (not
AWS, Azure or Google Cloud); 3-tier protection (external CDN, independent
firewall, and built-in firewalld or equivalent); Unix (Almalinux) familiarity; SFTP
and SSH; connection to Google Analytics or alternative.
:black_small_square: Company Name Network’s IT department will manage the server, including patches and image backups.
:black_small_square: Company Name Network’s Digital Communications Coordinator will manage the content.
:black_small_square: We will require referrals for freelance developers to assist with ongoing
technical changes/troubleshooting or a reasonable monthly retainer
from the agency for future maintenance.

If this is not in your wheelhouse you should pass or partner. What are the project requirements?

They would like a CMS to update partners list, expert staff, points of view and news(blog), and jobs.
Probably basic analytics.
Not sure if there are any other requirements or intergrations like mailchimp…etc.

Another Question I have is it possible to just export the Webflow code and somehow connect it to statamic?


Not without some work. There is no magic wand. Statamic is well documented and has features that we can only dream of in Webflow. It is not hard if you understand HTML and CMS principles. IMO Webflow is not the tool to use if you want to build out self hosted CMS’s since it just creates extra bloat and wasted time. It is fine for static pages but other than that I don’t see the point at all and I have been doing this stuff for decades.

If you have to figure a project out and learn on client time you should not be bidding on a the project unless you partner with the right resources that can just get it done.

Thank you for your insight Jeff! It has been on the bucket list to learn things like Sainity and other CMS options.