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Creating a plattform were users can add own content

I am kinda new to webflow and stuck in my project. I’m trýing to make a website where users can add their own content on their very own page. I’ve managed to make a function where the user can create its own account and sign in to the website. Once they logged in they get access to their personal site. What I’m trying to do now is to add a function where the users can add content to their site such as rich text, images, headers. Once they are public this will go live for other users to visit their page on the website.

I don´t know if this is possible without coding, if so, how? Or do you guys have any other ideés on how I could make this work?

I’m grateful for all replies I get that could give me some sort of clue what to do!

Hi @Cribbo :wave:

You can do this, but you’re limited with your options on “how” to do it.

That said, here’s an example Webflow site that does something similar, sign up (free) and give it a try!

I’ve also written a bunch of tutorials on stuff like this, you can dig around my site but here are a couple that you may want to start with:


Thanks a lot this, this is really helpfull!

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