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Recreating worldstar and youtube

how do i create a platform where people can go on a website create a membership and post and view their videos or someone else’s video like world star or youtube?

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Hello @creighton_chingarand

Your question is a little bit broad. Can you detail a little bit more the help you need? Is it design, functionality, do you have something already built, etc?

good evening arron i need help with both design but more importantly functionality i want a person to be able come on my website and be able to login to their own dashboard because they a member. when they are a member the have the ability to post or create there own music video that other people can look at regard less if they have a membership or not.

So, this is an idea you have but you don’t know how to do it right?

I would suggest starting to understand how Webflow works reading and viewing the articles in their University for the design part

Once you’ve done that you could start looking into integrations for the functionality part

Webflow is a very powerful tool for most of the cases but the one you’re suggesting here is considerable laborious and you’ll definitely need to take into account that you’ll need custom code for some of the things you mentioned.

If you need someone to do this for you there’s a Freelance section here in the forum or you can contact me as well if you want.