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Creating a 'Collection Template' from a 'Page'

Hi guys,

I’ve designed a page that I’m pretty happy with. Now I’d like to hook it up to the CMS. I notice that I have to create a new ‘collection template’. Is there any way I can transfer my design from my page to a new collection template?

I’ve tried to select the body tag from the page, copy it, and paste it into the template, but this doesn’t work.

I’ve then tried to copy individual sections over. This does copy the content over, but the formatting changes. Looks like I’m losing some styling and/or some fonts as I copy from one location to another.

So before I have to copy each of the dozens of sections one-by-one, then fix all the styling I’ve taken so long to create, is there an easy way to take a single page and use it to create a collection template?


This should be the correct method. We need to take a look at why this does not work for you. Do paste your public share link when asking for help in the forums.

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Thanks @samliew.

I realised what was wrong. I’d added some styles to a body class (whether or not that’s the correct technique!) and as I’d not copied the full body over (but individual sections), those styles had not copied across.

Think I’ve fixed it now though. Many thanks.

Hey @samliew (or anyone else), is there any way to use a ‘collection template’ to create a static page? I’m really happy with my collection template and can reuse loads of the stuff in there, but when I want to copy out elements which interact with the CMS, I’m not able to. Any ideas?

As an alternative, I’d like to clone my collection template, then “un-CMS” all the elements in the cloned version which cannot be moved to a page. Then I’d just copy those “un-CMS’d” elements over to a page.

Does that make sense?

Otherwise, I can’t see how I can get some of the really nice stuff I’ve done back out and into a page without rewriting it all.

Thanks in advance!

(Here’s the preview link: The ‘homepage’ you’ll land on doesn’t mean much to me. It’s the collection template where all my design is housed — and you can’t set that as your homepage)

The feature has already been requested here Copy element(s) without CMS binding - a right click option

The workaround now is manually add the same elements and give them the same class as used in the collection template.

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