Duplicate a template page linked to a collection

I have an existing collection with a linked CMS template page. I want to create a new collection based on this and slightly tweak it. I have create the collection no problem and now ideally want to copy/duplicate the existing template. I understand this is no possible and I have to basically rebuild the template from scratch. Can anyone suggest confirm this and also suggest a workaround ??
many thanks

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Copy and paste.
So this isn’t ideal because you may have a lot of top-level elements, and a lot of data-bindings.
Here’s how I might approach that;

Collapse everything in the nav view so that you only see Body, and it’s 1st level children
Click BODY and add DIV. Drag it up so it’s just under the BODY
Drag each element from the bottom of the list up and into the DIV, until you have your entire page content wrapped in the DIV.
Click the DIV and copy
Click the BODY and paste
You now have two copies of your page
Now using Finsweet’s browser plug-in, select that second bottom DIV, and use the Finsweet Candies- the Unbind CMS items one.
It will reload the browser and everything in that second DIV ( only ) will be unbound.

Copy that second DIV over to your new collection page

Now bind all of the elements on the new page to your second CMS collection.

Once you’re sure it’s working, delete that second DIV on the FROM page, and you can also “unwrap” all of those page contents from that unclassed DIV.

Note that part of the purpose of the DIV is to work around a current Webflow bug with copy-paste, that duplicates the wrong elements.

Yeah, this is a process, but like 5 mins, instead of the 60+ you might need to completely rebuild the page from scratch.


thank you v much. will try it out

I managed to follow all steps until I got to the paste into TO page. I can paste some of the sections. But the main one generates an error: “Multi reference Collection lists can only be moved within the same connection.” what do I do?? thanks

That means you still have something data-bound in your elements in that section you’re trying to copy.

If you did the Finsweet unbind step properly it should remove all collection bindings, but there’s a chance it could have missed something. You’ll need to expand that whole section and look for things that still need to be unbound.

CMS-bound things are usually indicated in purple.

Great workaround, thanks! Webflow should just make it an easy option to duplicate collection pages. They already enabled the function of duplicating collection.