Duplicating Collection Page

Hi Guys - in my naivety, I built a static page (Graduate Stories) that was supposed to be a CMS Collection Page (and oddly enough, it did work, though I appreciate would not have been fully dynamic). So now what I need to do is to replicate the page I have created as a CMS page which I assumed I could do by copy and pasting the components into a new CMS page - this doesn’t seem possible?!

Plan B was to duplicate an existing CMS page and then edit as required - this doesn’t seem possible either!? - am I missing something? (probably…)

cheers guys


Here is my public share link: [LINK][1]

@jacobite which sections are you trying to copy and paste to the CMS page?

I copied the CMS Collection from your ‘graduate stories’ page to your CMS Template page without any trouble. The reason it’s working on the static page is because all you’re using is a Collection List. The only reason I’d recommend moving to a CMS Template page would be if you’re trying to create a separate page for each Graduate story.

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