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Creating 100+ forms

Hi gang,

I want to create a website that has over 100 services on offer.

Each service will have a unique form.

Each form will be a slider.

Each slide will have unique questions based on the service.

Example A: Service - Web design.

Slide 1 question = “What is your budget?” Pick: “£100”, “£500”, “£1000”.

Example B: Service - Graphic design.

Slide 1 question = “Do you already have a brand guideline?” Pick: “Yes”, “No”, “Other”.


I can either create 100 different pages and Copy & Paste the default form into each then edit each with unique questions or I can utilise the CMS in some way.

If I create 100 different pages - Will it affect performance?

If I utilise the CMS - I have tried; I create a collection called “Services” then add “Web Design” & “Graphic Design”. I then found if I went on the CMS page for each and edited text, it would edit the text for all other pages annoyingly.

Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks.

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