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Dynamic Pages and Unique Forms

Okay guys/gals here’s where I’m at. I have created a website for training users of our Home Health Software. Since Webflow only allows 100 pages, I have to use the dynamic pages. So I have a database of courses which will include Rich Text (full of images and trainings regarding the specific page. It will also include a link to an interactive tutorial and then finally a test for them to submit their results on a form. I am including images. I do not want to use any type of outside source for my tests. The form I created will auto-populate my forms in the project settings with whether or not they answered the question correctly. Which will also generate an email to the associate letting them know the results of their test. The problem is, I’m having trouble making the form unique on each Dynamic page. If I change the questions and answers on one form, it changes them on the other form. I’ve tried creating a symbol of the form, but it will not allow me to edit the drop downs. We have over 1000 pages that I need to create education, tests and powerpoints for and I am at a loss here. I appreciate all the help I have received so far, but still not where I want to be on this.

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How does each form differ from one another between the pages? Is there a completely different form needed for each collection item?

Yes, each page will have different questions and answers in the form

All the questions and answers are different but the main form stays the same.

I believe the only options are to embed a form in a RTF (HTML embed) using a third party form engine to generate the form and handle the processing. You could also embed code in a field, but WF will encode the contents on publish so you have to decode it with custom code. The former method is the easiest.

Is there a way to make certain items on a page visible only to development and not the client.

Not natively. If you used a third party membership app then you could conceivably make a group and show only if.