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Create embeddable widgets (with CMS info)

I have a podcast website with a different guest each episode. I want to give episode guests an option to embed the episode into their own website AND by doing so provide my website with backlinks that benefit SEO.

So the question is: how do I create such an embed.

I can see 2 versions of this: a more static one just containing the episode image, episode title, description and the a link to the specific episode on my website. A more advanced version could also include an actual audio player (I use Plyr on my own website). This content (title, description, image, audio link etc) would all come from the Webflow CMS and is (obviously) different for each episode.

Many embeds are based on iframes, but I’d like to stay away from that since iframe embeds are seen as separate websites by search engines and wouldn’t provide any SEO benefits. Also: staying away from iframes would also mean loading the embed doesn’t have to hit the Webflow servers which is would be a nice benefit.

As a user, you should be presented with an HTML text +JS script that the user can then use to embed this inline on their website, similar to how Twitter let’s you copy HTML and paste it into your own website.

I would currently assume that the HTML part of the embed is dynamicly created on a Webflow page and comes from the Webflow CMS, and the static JS part of the embed is hosted somewhere else (not on Webflow).

I’m not a JS wizard so I was wondering if there are any script templates that would help me accomplish the above.

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