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Embedding Buzzsprout podcast - help needed!

I’m considering hosting a podcast with Buzzsprout and wondered if there was a way of embedding it into Webflow? I’ve seen the Soundcloud tutorial, but that is obviously a different site. Buzzsprout looks like it uses a bit of script ( - is this something that Webflow will accept?


Here is my public share link: LINK

Just follow the instructions for squarespace using the embed element in Webflow.

Hi @webdev Squarespace is another CMS - did you mean Soundcloud? If so, this isn’t working.

I have worked out that I can use conditional visibility for a custom code HTML embed. I have created a plain text field called “Buzzsprout Podcast ID” in the Article CMS collection. I have pointed the custom code embed at that plain text field. Yet, all it does is display the content of the field, rather than parsing the code.

Example - here’s the code for the (test) podcast:

If I just put the above in the plain text field and point the embed at it, this happens:

Please can you tell me what I need to do to get this player to appear in my article?

Sorry about the mixup. You can do this very easily with nothing more than a rich text field. You can do this in your post body, or if you wanted a separate field. Buzsprout RSS feeds are supported as well as individual podcasts.

Just insert a media element in the rich text field with the url to a podcast. Buzzsprout is a supported media provider with which is what Webflow uses.


Thank you so much!

I can’t believe it was that easy. I also can’t believe that “buzzsprout” doesn’t come up anywhere when you search on the university page for Webflow integrations or tutorials or blog

How are people supposed to know if something is supported? Where would I find this information?

Good question. I suspect that since has over 600 providers it is easier to say “and many more” on this page ->

They should probably link to this page -> instead.