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Embed Buzzsprout podcast dynamically through CMS

Hey everyone!
I am looking to embed buzzsprout through the webflow CMS but want it to update and add items as I add new podcast episodes. How would I go about this?

Have you tried adding a Rich Text field and adding the buzzsprout URL to the media insert? supports it and Webflow uses for media in RTF’s.

The issue is I wanted to have a new episode publish on webflow when I publish a new episode on buzzsprout. And have each episode be an individual episode.

I know in the university they do something with Zapier and instagram. Would the implementation be similar?


Did you look to see if Zapier has an integration with buzzsprout?

They don’t currently:(

But they do have an API where you could get episodes and you might be able to wire that in to Zapier > Webflow. The issue about using custom embed elements in Webflow is the URL will not get converted without manual intervention in the designer. So even if automation was possible you will still need to visit each new post in the designer.

So since you would have to do it manually anyway, just do it manually!

Got it! I appreciate the help:)