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How to embed iTunes podcasts into my website?

I need to add podcasts that are uploaded into iTunes, though I don’t find any article that says if it’s even possible. Any help?

What is your share link for your site? You can embed most things into your site I have personally used the CMS to dynamically bring in sound cloud, band camp a bunch of different embeds. This was helpful because then I could set it up so that my clients could add their own updates by filling in a field in the CMS. From my understanding anything that can be embedded with embedly will work.


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Hey! Is this:

Yeah, but I don’t know how to embed from iTunes, you know? Since Apple is really restrictive…

Oscar all of the podcasts I listen to are available on itunes but they are also elsewhere.

I found this
This would let you create a playlist and then you put the code provided into an html embed. A playlist is probably a better idea than individual eps because it is one embed load instead of a bunch which can slow down load times. - this looks also promising.

Let me know if you need help setting it up on the webflow side. There are a few ways to achieve what you want to do

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I need it to look like that, and I guess it is possible since in the old website (the one I’m updating) looks like that:

Unless it is some kind of WP plugin (old site uses WP, eww). That’s the thing I’m looking for.

I also found that widget builder, but I don’t think it’s adequate.

It is a wordpress plugin . But the service can probably be used without. Are/were they subscribed to this Castos service? Seems like if they are you could contact them for assistyanc4e to help with their embed. Once you have the basic embed code it’s a matter of tweaking it with dynamic content. Or maybe it has a way to pull from itunes directly which would be the easiest. Bottom line is there is a way to do it. I use free bandcamp and soundcloud embeds generally the downside is they have some branding with their players. And they are bloated embeds. But it is an easy solution that requires no custom coding or zaps to make it work and is fool proof for a client.

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